Pre/Primary Ballet

The activities and ideas in this specially designed program reinforce the magical connection between the love of movement and the joy of artistic creativity.

The purpose of these classes is to teach students, as a group as well as individually, to stop and start, change directions, go backwards and forwards, alter speed or rhythm. Simple steps, incorporating skipping, running, jumping, hopping and to relax while moving, are taught using imaginative techniques that are age appropriate.

This type of training prepares the student for future structured ballet classes.

At the junior levels, the student will learn training in posture, development of foot and leg, elevation and balance, through barre exercises and center work. At the barre the student begins to master stability. This serves as an introduction to the proper performance of the exercises in the center, which include “adagio” and “allegro”.

At the senior levels, students continue to expand their solid foundation and training, progressing to more advanced techniques in barre exercise and center work. The development of performance artistry is a major element at this stage and students are encouraged to maximize their individual potential.



Students of the same age group may vary enormously in strength and development. Aptitude and capability cannot be standardized, and for this reason only the teacher can decide when the right moment arrives for starting pointe work.
It is only after several years of careful training, that students can achieve the whole body co-ordination that is required for pointe work i.e. correct posture, strong muscles and bones.



Jazz dance requires a strong technical foundation to help provide correct posture and execution of movement. Ballet can be a great asset in developing the technique to help maintain the strength and control that Jazz requires. Jazz typically involves quick strong and energetic movements. Our Jazz program provides energetic, dynamic, fun and funky classes that also help to develop performance while delivering an excellent overall body workout.


Tap dance is an explosive dance form that creates a variety of percussive rhythms and sounds using a pair of shoes with metal plates attached to the ball and heel area of the shoe. It requires a dancer to constantly work on their coordination in order to execute rhythms and sounds correctly.

Tap dance provides an excellent mental and physical work out and helps dancers with their musicality as tap sounds/steps are created in so many different rhythms.

Our program offers fantastic and energetic classes that are challenging both mentally and physically in a fun and stimulating atmosphere.

Adult Beginner Tap
Keep active and learn something new with our Beginner Tap Class


Our Modern Dance program allows students to explore movement capabilities within the Graham/Limon technique. A background in ballet is very helpful as a base on which to build the fluid techniques of modern dance. We work on improvisation skills to understand the different ways of moving the body as well as choreographic artistry. Our classes are energetic, fun and always interesting.


Our Spanish/Flamenco program provides students the opportunity to learn the intricate steps of Spanish dance. Classical Spanish music, castanets and camaraderie are the order of the day. Our classes are motivating, lively and always entertaining.

Adult Ballet

In this class students are introduced to a complete barre, from grande pliés to grande battements, as well as centre work beginning with port de bras combinations, continuing with waltzes and small jumps. In addition, students are taught conditioning exercises focusing on core strength and stability; these exercises will improve studio work and also help in daily activities.




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